Services Overview

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Mergers & Acquisitions, Divestitures
  • Sell Side M&A
  • Buy Side M&A
Capital Raise
s capital markets team provides clients in depth advisory servi
ces and delivers optimal financing
solutions to support its clients long-term objectives. Our ca
pital markets team has extensive experience in
debt and equity financings, private placements, acquisition fi
nancing, special situation recapitalizations,
commercial real estate syndications and USCIS EB-5 financings.
  • Debt & Equity Financing
  • Acquisition Financing
  • Recapitilization
  • Commercial Real estate Financing
  • USCIS EB-5 Visa Program
  • Public Finance
Strategic Advisory
Broker Dealer Services
For over two decades Aaron Capital has been providing register
ed representative a full suite of FINRA
and state compliance services. Aaron
s compliance services team is staffed by season professionals
whose experience spans mergers and acquisitions, capital raises
, trading, EB5, insurance and compliance
supervision. This Broker-Dealer dealer platform enables register
ed representatives to operate
independently, under their own brand, focusing on deal originat
ion and closing while the Aaron
Regulatory Team focuses on regulatory compliance.
Corporate Valuations
s corporate valuation team combines its analytical expertise
and practical experience to provide
detailed and defendable corporate valuations. Our team has
experience in valuing both tangible and
intangible corporate assets and enabling our clients to confi
dently fulfill their financial reporting