Sell side M&A

We believe that the full value of a company is not only driven by its numbers, but also by the passion it inspires in potential buyers. We are expert at crafting stories & visions that connect with the hearts and minds of buyers to unlock the full value of your company.

For over a quarter-century, Aaron Capital has been a trusted advisor providing middle market M&A services. With over a billion dollars in transaction value processed, we developed a highly-disciplined process customized to each client to provide superior seller representation.

Buy side M&A

An acquisition is always a milestone in the history of a company. We make sure that this event is remembered as a remarkable ceased opportunity and the beginning of a great story. We assist buyers every step of the way: evaluating trends & market opportunities, identifying potential acquisition targets that best fit our client’s strategic objectives and their corporate culture, and providing valuation guidance. We initiate discussions with the targeted companies, assist in due diligence investigations, and assist our clients choosing the acquisition target. Once the ideal candidate is selected, we help our clients structure & negotiate the offer, arrange financing, timely close the transaction and assist in a successful integration.

Corporate Valuations

Aaron’s corporate valuation team combines its analytical expertise and practical experience to provide detailed and defendable corporate valuations. Our team has experience in valuing both tangible and intangible corporate assets and enabling our clients to confidently fulfill their financial reporting obligations.

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