Healthcare Industry Trends Q1 2017

Despite regulatory uncertainty leading into 2017, M&A in the healthcare sector has been strong in Q1 with over 400 transactions announced in the period. Technology continues to be a key factor driving innovation and movement in the industry.

It covers two main angles: better care and better security. Numerous data leaks in 2016 have rapidly caused the latter to be a major concern for healthcare providers and patients alike. We see the following trends related to healthcare technology today:

  • Patient care and engagement: Medical staff is increasingly able to leverage technology to alleviate an unavoidable issue – lack of time. Use of communications devices and apps targeted at the healthcare sector enable better and more personalized care.
  • Diagnosis and treatment analytics: Specialized applications support doctors in making critical decisions. Patients benefit from improved speed and accuracy of administered treatments.
  • Cloud-based data: Medical history and other data increasingly needs to be accessible by multiple providers. Utilizing cloud-connected databases enables fast access and allows providers to harness the power of big data.
  • Telemedicine: Remote or inaccessible areas around the world benefit from communications technology that enables professionals to connect with patients across time zones and continents.
  • Cybersecurity: As the threat of data loss and theft becomes more acute, healthcare providers need to continue to invest in the security of their patients’ information.

As the reliability and security of digitalized healthcare improves trust in the technology, we expect increasing internal investment as well as acquisition activity by large industry players; and providers of innovative value-added services will find opportunities to grow their businesses rapidly.

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